Products and solutions

1.  Alarm warning systems.

  1. Unlimited number of alarm signals.

  2. Operation logics enables to repeatedly reduce the quantity of false alarms.

  3. Saving history of alarms for the following analysis.

  4. Visual image of alarms and division into groups.

  5. Possibility to create a custom design.

  6. Connection to existing sensors. If necessary, replacement of sensors.

  7. Multi-lingual interface.

  8. Siemens equipment ensures the highest reliability.

  9. Possibility to integrate with other systems from DMVK Tech and other companies.

2.  Monitoring and control systems for navigating lights.

  1. Visual image of lights state on the screen.

  2. Convenient turning-on of necessary lights with one button.

  3. 220VAC and 24VDC lights support.

  4. Usage of Siemens equipment.

  5. Easy integration with other systems.

3.  Fuel consumption accounting systems.

  1. It is possible to use existing counters or install the new ones.

  2. Exact accounting thanks to temperature measurement and density adjustment.

  3. Visual image of current consumption on a mnemonic scheme.

  4. Connection to marine GPS: possibility to obtain information about the strength and direction of the wind, ship's speed, location of the ship.

  5. Installation of torsiometers or connection to the existing ones.

  6. Automatic generation of reports: daily, monthly, upon request.

  7. Data keeping on a server up to five years.

  8. Easy access through the local network of a ship and through the Internet from anywhere in the world for monitoring and analysis. Displaying in the form of trends with the ability to view history.

  9. Bunkering accounting, automatic insertion of data in the report.

  10. Possibility to combine data from several ships in one common system.

4.  Monitoring and control systems for main and supplementary engines.

  1. Replacement of the original old system to the modern one: reducing downtime due to problems with electronics, navigation safety increase.

  2. Control by both engines and auxiliary equipment: shaft generators, gears, variable pitch propellers.

  3. Safety SIL3 for the highest level of safety (option)

  4. Installation of new sensors to control engine operation.

  5. Ideal for combining with other DMVK Tech systems.

5. Control systems for levels in tanks.

  1. The possibility to use a wide range of different level sensors, both existing and installed by us.

  2. Presentation of information in a graphic form, as well as in percent, millimeters or tones.

  3. Maintenance of reports

  4. When integrated with the fuel consumption accounting system it is possible to control the accordance of fuel consumption via counters and via level in tanks.

  5. When integrated with the AWS all warning and alarm signals are transferred directly – simplification of installation and reduction of equipment cost.

6.  Wire length accounting systems.

  1. General-purpose and quickly configurable system makes it easy to adapt to any winch.

  2. Control of wire length and generation of alarms when the limit is exceeded.

7. Winch control systems.

  1. Replacement of the existing control system with the new one: long and trouble-free operation guarantee.

  2. Control by hydraulic and electric winches both of alternating and direct current.

  3. Connection to frequency and thyristor converters both by means of real-world signals and using a data bus: Profibus, Profinet, Modbus.

  4. Delivery, installation and programming of frequency and thyristor converters.

  5. Control both by winches alone, and in the complex: trawling complex, swingwinches, etc.

All the proposed systems can be used both independently from each other and as a part integrated into a complex. In addition to functional extension and ease of use, integration can significantly save money. Savings are achieved due to the smaller number of operator panels – one panel can display information from different systems. Also, fewer physical inputs and outputs of a controller are required - data between systems are transmitted on the data bus, as a result any data from any system are available in full. This can significantly extend the possibilities for monitoring and control without additional capital investment.

Guarantee maintenance and post-warranty service 24/7. Specialists visit to any part in the world.